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Albertson Landry

Your Experienced Bailiffs in Montreal and the Surrounding Areas

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Recover Your Debts With Albertson Landry, Huissiers / Bailiffs in Montreal

We have been helping Montrealers perform and carry out legal decisions for more than 30 years. After a court verdict or rental board decision, where required, we conduct formal notices, seizures, certified reports, services or evictions, depending on the situation.

Bailiff Services that Are Versatile, Personalized and Flexible

We assist lawyers, notaries and individuals, as well as government offices. Our document collection service allows us to set up your legal files without you having to leave your home.

Bailiff Services

Bailiffs Available in Montreal and in Surrounding Areas

Emergency services are always available. We provide our bailiff services throughout the province of Quebec, and more specifically the Greater Montreal area, the North and South Shores, as well as the Lanaudière and Montérégie regions.

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